Captain Marvel

After being an “Avenger in Training” for a few issues, Captain Marvel (aka Monica Rambeau) joins the Avengers in issue #232. Here’s my take on her abilities using the Mighty Protectors rules. I modeled her ability as a “living energy form” to fly at the speed of light using teleportation of 1 million miles per round, which is close to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

I decided to revise some of Captain Marvel’s abilities by using a modified version of Light Control:

E) Invisibility: The character can turn invisible to sight using the Invisibility Ability.

F) Photonic Form: Take the Non-Corporealness Ability to enable the character to assume a form of pure light energy.

G) Light Speed: The character can fly at the speed of light (186000 miles per second), or 1,964,160,000 game spaces per round. This Voluntary Ability costs 50 CPs, PR=16 to activate and PR=16 per hour.

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