Here’s my Mighty Protectors take on the Super-Adaptoid, a some-times foe of the Bronze-Age Avengers.

To use him as a villain in a Mighty Protectors adventure, you should have him impersonate a normal person, possibly someone the player(s) know and trust. Once he gets within 1″ of a hero he will execute a 4-action multiple attack, taking a -9 penalty but gaining +6 to hit because it is an area effect. His total chance to hit will be 19 or less and if successful he will have mimicked four abilities with the hero being none the wiser because his Siphon ability is Unobvious. He will continue to mimick stats and abilities until he has used up all of his 24 slots or he has run out of abilities to mimic.

He can be made easier to defeat by swapping Willpower D: Total Pain Resistance for Willpower B: Pain Resistance.

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