Khelar started as a very low-powered character that I played in Matt Sheffield’s Sci-Fi / Fantasy Geosian Mighty Protectors campaign. By the time the campaign ended, he had become a devastatingly powerful swordsman. Geos is the “utterly typical world of European medieval fantasy” that is 17.3 light years from Earth (see MP 2.1.3). Matt’s campaign was a lot of fun and the MP rules work great for a fantasy setting.

You may want to use Khelar as an NPC in your own Mighty Protectors campaign. If so, he has come to Earth and your major campaign city, either through magic or science (he might have hitched a ride on a Psynax spaceship).

On Earth, he resorts to his basic personality type — that of an adrenaline-junky thief. He would learn at least a Mixed Culture while on Earth, drop the “bird net” points, and he would start using his skills and magic items (cloak of invisibility, necklace of super-speed) to begin robbing wealthy individuals. He would also likely gain CPs of Wealth and live in a posh penthouse apartment.

Character and art copyright B.K.Adams.

Khelar Character Sheet (PDF)

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