MP Damage Types

The description of Invulnerability (MP p. 51) states “This Continual Ability makes the character nearly immune to the effects of one or more Damage Types, Sub-Types, or Specific Types, taking only 1/4 damage (rounded down) from attacks of those types.”

The Damage Types are Kinetic, Energy, Biochemical, Entropy, Psychic, and Other. But what are the Sub-Types? Absorption and Reflection also mention damage sub-types, Natural Weaponry has Blunt and Sharp Kinetic as does Special Weapon.

To organize all of these damage types and their sub-types, I made a chart that categorizes the various Mighty Protector Damage Types with their Sub-Type and corresponding Specific Abilities. Note that “Cosmic Radiation” is simply the radiation one would receive while being in outer space.

Mighty Protectors is a registered trademark of Monkey House Games

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