Tom Thumb

Here’s my MP take on Tom Thumb, the last member of the Earth-712 Squadron Supreme that I have written-up. This version is based upon his appearance in Avengers #148.

His flying vehicle seems to be his only source of offensive weaponry, although a GM could use his Inventing points to create a weapon as shown below. In order to fit within a single system space, I had to make all of his vehicle’s systems integral, making them immune to being individually targeted. However, the vehicle itself, or its control space,  can be damaged.

Possible Inventions:

Force Field Belt: Force Field A) 5/5/5/5 protection (15), Gear (-0), 2 Charges: each charge absorbs 23 points of damage (+2.5)

Hand Blaster: Power Blast: 2d10 Energy damage (20), GBC Range=16″, Gear (-0), 12 Charges (-2.5)

Tom Thumb is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

Tom Thumb (PDF)

Tom Thumb’s “One-Man” Flying Vehicle (PDF)

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