Puppet Master

Here’s my take on the Silver Age version of the Puppet Master, one of the Fantastic Four’s oldest foes.

In order to model his unique ability of controlling others using miniature sculptures of radioactive clay, I had to break the Ability cap.

His ability to control others is a convoluted process with the following steps:

  1. Using his special radioactive clay, he must spend 1 hour fashioning a miniature sculpture of the person he wants to control. He succeeds with an AG save @+6.
  2. He must then target the individual he wishes to control. This is automatic if the target’s mental waves can be ‘seen’ within a roughly 16 mile radius.
  3. Next, he must make an AG-based task check at +6 to hit the square where his target is standing.
  4. Lastly, if steps 1-3 worked, then the target must make an IN save at -12 or come under the control of the Puppet Master, doing whatever is done or said to the puppet. Note that unless the target has some sort of Heightened Sense that detects danger, he or she will not be able to roll with the damage because it is totally Unobvious.

If you want Puppet Master to be able to control more than one person at a time, use the Multitudes modifier. The multiples represent potential clay  miniatures used to control victims (see chart below):

Puppet Master (PDF)

Puppet Master is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.

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