Fantasti-Car Mk I

The infamous “flying bathtub” was a small vehicle the Fantastic Four used from issue #3 to issue #12. It could separate into four sections, each capable of flight.

The MP vehicle ‘hangar’ rules didn’t quite work so I had to come up with a new minor ability called “Section Separation”, worth 10 CPs, to model the Fantasticar’s ability to split into four separate, flyable sections.

When all four sections are linked together, add their Flight speeds together for a maximum speed of (66 x 4) 264 mph. When separated, each section can fly at a maximum speed of 66 mph. Each section also has its own power supply that is good for 2 hours max.

Note that the individual sections lose the Automation and the corresponding Agility and Handling.

Integrated Vehicle Sheet

Single Section

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