Red Ghost

Here’s my MP take on the Silver Age Red Ghost and his Super Apes!

The Red Ghost himself doesn’t really have an offensive ability other than being able to pick up and use solid objects while he remains non-corporeal. However, he could use his inventing points to create some sort of hand-held weapon.

Note that the baboon Igor’s ability to turn into any object — and have that object’s properties –was not really possible without making a new ability, one that would doubtless have made him far more expensive. So, in this version, he gets Shape-Shifting into any object.

Also note that the ‘story’ text shown on each character sheet is from the descriptions posted on Comicvine

Red Ghost Character Sheet (PDF)

Igor (PDF)

Mikhlo (PDF)

Peotor (PDF)

Red Ghost and Super-Ape Igor, Mikhlo, and Peotor are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.


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