Here’s my Mighty Protectors take on the Hate-Monger, who appears for the first time in Fantastic Four #21. In characteristics and abilities, he’s remarkably similar to Rama-Tut, a villain from FF #19. He’s a ‘normal’ human with a “super” gun and an outlandish vehicle. In this case, Hate-Monger also has a base in the South American country of San Gusto, but I didn’t write that up. If you as GM want to make the base, make sure to give it a giant Hate gun that could affect large areas.

At all times, four of his most fanatical followers guard the Hate-Monger. Each is armed with knife, pistol, and sub-machinegun. If you want to give them a bit more firepower, swap out the knife for grenades: Power Blast: d8+d10 blunt kinetic dmg (17.5), 3″ Area (+5), Different Range BC (+2.5),  (ST) Range (+0), Can’t Hold Back (-2.5), Charges: 3 (-12.5), Gear (-5); total cost = 5 CPs.

The Hate-Monger’s vitriolic rhetoric, his hatred of foreigners and minorities, fits well with today’s troubled times.

Hate-Monger PDF

Hate-Monger Character Sheet

Hate-Monger Thug PDF


Hate-Monger Vehicle PDF

Hate-Monger is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment

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