Here’s my Mighty Protectors take on the Silver Age Hulk, who is the villain in Fantastic Four issues #12, #25, and #26. This early version of the Hulk is a little different than later versions: he seems to have a normal IQ, talks like a normal guy, and does not seem to have the ability to grow progressively stronger the madder he gets.

His ability to transform from Banner to the Hulk seemed to work better with Dr. Banner having the ability, since it is triggered by anger. It does, however, go over the Ability cap for his CP total.

Hulk Character PDF

Bruce Banner Character Sheet PDF

Hulk and Bruce Banner are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.


  1. I’ve noticed a LOT of your conversions have what I would consider significantly more Strength than indicated by source. What’s your design theory?
    For example, Modern Hulk, generally considered strongest ever, is about 1/8 the carry cap of your Silver Age interpretation here.


    1. I go by what the characters actually lift in the comics. For example, if the Hulk is shown lifting a battleship out of the water then he can lift 40,000 tons, or 80 million pounds (about a 70 strength in Mighty Protectors).

      Of course, the comics are not consistent, the characters abilities can vary considerably from writer to writer and artist to artist, so translating what they can do becomes part art and a smidgeon of science.


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