Fantasticar Model 2

Here’s my MP take on the Mk II Fantasti-car, a flying vehicle used by the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Silver Age of comics (it debuted in FF #12).

Like the Mk I ‘flying bathtub’, the Mk II can separate into four sections. The control space for each section are shown on the layout. The hierarchy of the control spaces are numbered from 1 (highest) to 4 (lowest).

I’ve also written-up a vehicle that debuts in FF issue #40: the ‘flying camera’, a remotely-controlled flying gadget that returns color video on the controller screen. I used integral Size Change smaller to represent its small size. Note that due to its smaller size, it’s profile is reduced to 0.23, its weight to 1 lb., and the thickness of its external ‘hull’ is 1/15, or 0.53 inches thick.

Also note that I came up with a new Communicators modifier: Remote Control, (+5) CP cost.

Fantasticar Mk II Sheet

Flying Camera Sheet

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