From Fantastic Four #62 comes Blastaar, another would-be world conqueror and FF foe. In the issue, Blastaar claims to be stronger than the Thing, so I gave him a lot of Heightened Strength. And, of course, he’s the self-described Living Bomb-Burst, harnessing a type of explosive power that erupts from his fingertips. I modeled his bomb-burst ability as a no range, offset, adjustable area effect Power Blast with the body part modifier.

Facing a foe they cannot defeat, Reed Richards creates a device in the shape of a helmet — a gadget that has the potential to nullify Blastaar’s powers. Eventually, the helmet is placed over the alien’s head, weakening him. Deprived of his ‘power’, he is easily defeated.

Blastaar PDF

Fantastic Four and Blastaar are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.

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