Cyclops (Silver Age)

Here is my Mighty Protectors take on the silver-age Cyclops, Professor Xavier’s first student and erstwhile sub-leader of the teenage X-Men.

Being a mutant, I felt it appropriate to give him Heightened Endurance and Heightened Cool. The Natural Weaponry represents his fighting technique, an ability gained from countless hours training in the Danger Room. His Heightened Expertise with his optic blast represents his amazing accuracy to hit targets with his force beam.

Knowing that his love for Jean Grey is a central part of Cyclop’s story arc, one that is with him for decades, I felt it needed to be one of his weaknesses.

Even though the damage of his power blast exceeds the cap for 100 CPs, I felt it was warranted given how powerful the beam is portrayed in the comic.

Cyclops PDF

Cyclops, Charles Xavier, and X-Men are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.


  1. Great design. Another reason the Heightened Cool works for Cyclops is that he has always been portrayed as a natural born leader.


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