Falcon Heavy

Space-X launched their Falcon Heavy rocket yesterday. It’s payload included Elon Musk’s midnight cherry red Tesla Roadster and a spacesuit-wearing mannequin named “Starman” sitting in the driver’s seat. The ‘trans-Mars insertion’ burn happened, but an error occurred, as the roadster was supposed to end up in a long orbit around both Earth and Mars. Instead, it overshot and will end up somewhere in the asteroid belt.

If you want to use the Falcon Heavy rocket as part of a Mighty Protectors adventure, you’re in luck because I’ve translated it’s stats into the vehicle rules for you!

A few notes about the write-up:

  1. The three main rocket engines are all linked, activating at the same time.
  2. The Power Blast systems are supposed to be the rocket exhaust of each engine. I made them integral, which is a bit clunky, but it works. Each system is linked to an engine and only work while the engine is active.
  3. The “Robot Brain” is just a way of letting the vehicle land and/or maneuver itself.
  4. In order to get close to its real-world top speed, I had to extend the Flight chart to 60 CPs.
  5. I simulated the maneuvering thruster (B2) as Flight that uses the vehicle’s overall Power as fuel, although at the steep rate of 1 PR per 1 Round.

Falcon Heavy Sheet (PDF)


    1. I agree with you, Shane, extremely well done, and quickly too. I thought the Power Blast to represent the danger of the rocket thrust was very creative.

      It would be nice if MP had an “Area Effect: Line” modifier, to simulate that long jet of flame. I suppose Offset or Tendrils could be adapted for the SFX.


  1. I thought Abilities like Flight were already Obvious unless bought with the Unobvious modifier. Or do you mean “Really, Unbelievably Obvious, Like From Miles Away Obvious, Because It’s A Frickin’ Rocket! Obvious (-5)”?


    1. Abilities are by default obvious to anyone (with at least two senses) out to about 100 feet, but you can get a (-5) CP modifier called “Obvious” that makes the Ability especially obvious, out to about 800 feet, which I felt was appropriate for its Flight System being a rocket. 😉


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