Star Wars NPCs/Vehicles

I’m currently playing in a friend’s Mighty Protectors Star Wars campaign. I was asked to help build the groups’ Light Freighter and, well, things got a bit out of hand… I ended up making the following vehicles (and later, the characters).

Note that these write-ups reflect the characters and vehicles as they appeared in the first trilogy of movies.

Also note I’m not claiming these write-ups to be 100% accurate to the source material.

The write-ups and layouts are by me, B.K. Adams. Mighty Protectors is a trademark of Monkey House Games. The Star Wars characters, images and vehicle names are copyright by Lucasfilm/Disney.

All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)



Corellian Light Freighter

Darth Vader

Freighter Escape Pod

Han Solo

Imperial Walker (AT-AT)

Luke Skywalker

Princess Leia


Speeder Bike

Star Destroyer


T-47 Airspeeder

Tie Fighter

X-Wing Fighter

AT-ST Notes:

  • I made the legs into Systems that can be targeted. In game mechanic terms, they don’t actually do anything, but it only makes sense that they could be targeted and disabled.
  • The layout shows the vehicle system spaces as though they were stacked on top of each other, which in the movies is exactly how they thing is built.
  • One could argue that the weapon systems should have a 360 degree arc, but I didn’t do that as it would make the damage much less, which I felt was inappropriate.
  • I would have made the “feet” larger, at one system space each, but I couldn’t make the system spaces work for the legs. So, they end up being skinny.

AT-AT Notes:

  • In The Empire Strikes Back, the AT-AT seems to be impervious to laser/blaster fire, so I’ve given it Invulnerability to those attacks for (7.5) CPs along with the Heavy Coverage modifier to simulate that a heroic character like Luke Skywalker is accurate enough to hit the weak spots.
  • Properly fitting each “speeder bike” garage into the vehicle’s layout makes the vehicle much more expensive due to doubling the size of each sub-vehicle twice, for a total cost of +10 per garage slot!
  • The Illusions ability displays incoming messages (from the Communicators ability) and represents the AT-AT’s Holographic communication system.
  • The legs have joints, designated as ‘J’ and each leg has a “foot”, represented with the ‘F’. The heavy blaster lies underneath the Walker’s “head”.
  • The ‘backpack chargers’ can replenish a Stormtrooper’s blaster rifle or oxygen converter (see Stormtrooper write-up below) at 2 charges per Round.
Darth Vader Notes:
  • I used Disintegration with a bunch of modifiers to simulate his Lightsaber.
  • I simulate the way he can deflect blaster fire or parry lightsaber attacks (as he does against both Obi-Wan and Luke) with a modified version of Heightened Defense, rather than Reflection, because it seems to work better.
  • I simulate his “Force Choke” with a heavily modified Power Blast.
  • I simulate his “Force Push” ability with a slightly modified Telekinesis: Kinetic Manipulation ability.
  • I simulate his seeming ability to know with certainty unknowable things, e.g., the rebel base on Hoth, as Precognitive Sight.
  • I simulate his ability to target individuals while looking at them via a communication screen with Telepathy, as we see in Empire when he Force Chokes the admiral for coming out of Light Speed too early.
Droid Notes:
  • This write-up of R2-D2 concerns his abilities as shown in the first three movies. So, I didn’t give him abilities like rocket propulsion, that are depicted in the later movies. If you want to do that, you should give him an Arsenal and include all of those additional features.
  • I gave both droids photographic memory because they are robots and also because it works well for things like Artoo storing the Death Star schematics in his memory, but there really isn’t anything in the movies, that I can recall, to indicate that Threepio has this ability… So, in the future I might remove it from him.
Han Solo Notes:
    • Armor with Requires an AG save @+6 is a “meta” mechanic to simulate how he is rarely, if ever, hurt by blaster fire.
    • The Heightened Attack with Blasters helps to simulate how he almost always “one-shots” a stormtrooper.
    • The 45 CPs spent on his vehicle, the Millennium Falcon is technically over his ability cap, but who cares? He’s Han Solo!
Stormtrooper Notes:
  • The first Adaptation (temp., radiation, pressure) and the Armor abilities represent the torso portion of the armored suit.
  • The second Adaptation (doesn’t breathe) and the Communicator abilities represent the helmet.
  • I’m totally guessing about how long a trooper could last in space (couldn’t find any info on it), but figured 10 hours should be long enough.
  • I gave the armor a modifier called Brittle, which I borrowed from Living Legends. I used it to simulate the fact that in the movies, Stormtrooper armor seems to be pretty worthless. With Brittle, if a trooper takes more than 12 points of damage of any type, then he gets no armor protection at all.
  • Lastly, the policing ability is just something that I made up and figured was worth (2.5) CPs (rounded to 3).


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