Here’s my Bronze Age, Mighty Protectors version of Blade, who is one of many anti-heroes with a supernatural origin that were created in the 70’s after the Comics Code Authority was changed to allow elements of horror and more mature themes.

I’ve simulated Blade’s immunity to being turned into a vampire, and to a vampire’s hypnotism ability, via Adaptation. One could argue that this is too cheap. If you think so, then ditch the two Adaptation sub-types and add Invulnerability to Vampire Transformation (5), and Invulnerability to Vampire Hypnosis (5).

His Special Requirement can be considered optional, as it occurred only after he was bitten by Morbius, the Living Vampire, and although it says ‘Asphyxiation’ that’s not really what happens but the effect of dying is the same (he would take 5 damage per Round, as if he were drowning).

Although I chose not to do so, it is not unreasonable to give Blade some CPs of Wealth and/or a base of operations via the Base ability.

Blade (PDF)

Blade Arsenal (Link)

Blade is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group

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