Mighty Protectors Apartments

On the Monkey House Games forums, someone had a question about how to build a base, for 5 CPs, using the Mighty Protectors rules, so I provided an example. Here is that example (“Ultra Efficiency”) and two other apartments that could function as a hero’s “base”. Note that other than communicators, I didn’t put any other Systems into these bases.

PDFs: Ultra Efficiency, Efficiency, Large Apartment (Alias Investigations)

Apartment, Large

Apartment, Efficiency

Apartment, Ultra Efficiency

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  1. As always, excellent and clear examples.
    Jeff Dee and I once had a conversation about the (-15) “Base” modifier. I argued that since Vehicles don’t move unless points are spent on movement rates, the (-15) was superfluous, since an immobile vehicle is essentially a base.
    Jeff pointed out that the (-15) includes “cannot be moved,” for example, buildings are attached to the ground, but a camping trailer (a vehicle with no movement power of its own) is not, and can therefore be moved relatively easily.


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