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The devastation wrought by The Apocalypse had changed the very fabric of life on Earth. The weapons and devices used had completely obliterated some forms of life. Others were mutated to the point where they could not be recognized as what they had once been. Man was not immune to these changes…  — from the book “The History of Gamma World,” by Grand Historian Jaqard

Introduction: On this page I will be laying out the rules for a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy campaign using the new Mighty Protectors rules.

All starting player-characters are considered to be Low-Powered, starting with a total of 100 CPs and no more than 20 points in Weaknesses (Note that certain tech constructs, animal and plant mutants can exceed this amount).

The PCs

The player characters so far include:

  1. Alex — A human-animal hybrid; Copyright 2017 Bruce Adams
  2. Max  — A robot that protects Alex; Copyright 2017 Zach Adams
  3. Lado — A Pure Strain Human and member of the  Brotherhood of Thought; Copyright 2017 Jeff Dee
  4. Sarn — A mutated avian humanoid; Copyright 2017 David Anderson
  5. Azu — A mutated amphibian humanoid and member of the Ranks of the Fit; Copyright 2017 McCaden McClure
  6. Sham — A mutated humanoid and runaway Friends of Entropy slave; Copyright 2017 Rory McClure
  7. Wilestar — An android bounty hunter; Copyright 2017 Matt Sheffield
  8. Grapevine — A mutated plant humanoid; copyright 2017 Manda

Place of Origin, Species, and Culture

Roll on the table below to determine the character’s place of origin, species type, and culture.

Pure Strain Human

These “pure” humans are descended from the pre-2322 human stock, are mutation-free, and will be recognized by all pre-2322 robotic units. Many of the most powerful Artifacts are equipped with DNA locks and will only operate for pure strain humans. Basic Characteristics for PSH characters are capped: ST at 18 and the others (AG, EN, IN, CL) are capped at 24.

Pure Strain Humans roll their Abilities normally, but must include the (-5) Gear modifier.

Optionally, PSH characters may roll on the Artifacts chart to determine their gear, although this may not result in a balanced character.

Pure Strain Humans may also take the following Mighty Protector Abilities: Base, Heightened Senses: Acute Senses, Heightened Defense, Heightened Expertise, Knowledge, Natural Weaponry, Luck, Physical Ability A) Ambidexterity, Vehicle, and Wealth.


Descended from mutated humans, humanoids without obvious physical mutations and possessing proper ID’s will usually be recognized by all but the most sophisticated automatons as authorized personnel. Roll character normally per the MP rules but be aware of restrictions on certain Abilities (see House Rules below).

Mutated Animals

Mutated Animals are descended from animals whose genomes were affected by radioactive and/or toxic substances found in the post-Apocalyptic Gamma World. Characters playing a mutated animal must pick or randomly determine their base Animal Type. They then must roll or select 2 species abilities and 1 weakness (see MP pg. 23).

Because Mutated Animals must roll on the Animal/Plant tables, they get (2.5) fewer CPs per Core Ability.

Mutated Plants

In Gamma World, Mutated Plants have gained sentience, mobility, and deadly mutations. Characters playing a mutated plant must select “Plant/Fungus” as their Plant Type. They then must roll or select  2 species abilities and 1 weakness (see MP pg. 23).

Because Mutated Plants must roll on the Animal/Plant tables, they get (2.5) fewer CPs per Core Ability.

Tech Construct

The character is an android, cyborg, or robot. Because Tech Constructs are sentient, they are subject to Mind Control and Emotion Control. Because they are also machines, or part-machine in the case of Cyborgs, they are subject to being controlled by Lightning Control C) Gear Control (see MP pg. 54).

Tech Constructs may optionally roll on the Tech Abilities chart, but doing so does not guarantee a balanced character.


Androids are generally indistinguishable from humans. Androids roll their abilities on the Tech Construct Abilities chart. Androids get (2.5) fewer CPs per Core Ability.


Cyborgs are humans with mechanical replacement body parts. Roll their Abilities per the Cybernetics Ability (MP pg. 31). Cyborgs get (2.5) fewer CPs per Core Ability.


Robots are sentient machines that come in various shapes and sizes but are most commonly in the form of a humanoid. Note that robots must sleep 8 hours each day to “recharge” their batteries. Robots do not heal on their own, but can be healed or repaired by others with an appropriate task check roll or Ability.

Robots get (2.5) fewer CPs per Core Ability.

Cryptic Alliances

Many of the inhabitants of Gamma World have banded together into secret or semi-secret organizations called Cryptic Alliances. Some are remnants of organizations that existed in the Shadow Years… some are of very recent origin.


Additional Character Generation

Age, Gender, Basic Characteristics, and Weight should be determined per the the Mighty Protectors rulebook.

Characters with a High Tech culture should roll Background normally (see MP p. 12). Characters with Mixed or Primitive cultures should roll three times on the following table, keeping two of them. Duplicates can be kept or re-rolled.

Legal Status: Characters begin the campaign with one of the following designations: Barbarian (or “free born” as they call themselves), Cryptic Alliance member, or Exiled (criminal, heretic, etc).

Abilities and Weaknesses should be rolled as usual with the following  exceptions:

  1. The following Abilities are not allowed without GM approval:
    1. Arsenal
    2. Astral Projection
    3. Base (PSH may take with GM permission)
    4. Companion
    5. Cosmic Awareness
    6. Invulnerability (must be heavily limited)
    7. Life Support
    8. Non-Corporealness
    9. Shaping
    10. Summoning
    11. Vehicle (usually only PSH may use as most vehicles have a DNA lock)
    12. Weakness: Distinctive, Personal Problem: Agent; Dark Past; Public Identity;  and only Tech Constructs may take Unliving

To generate abilities and weaknesses using 1st edition Gamma World rules, click on the link below. However, doing so does not guarantee balanced character generation!

Original Gamma World Character Generation


  1. Siphon with a (0) CP Reversible modifier allows Siphon to be used as a “buffing” ability.
  2. There is a Hard Cap of 30 for Strength, with Size Change A) Larger the only way to exceed this cap.
  3. Size Change B) Smaller must have the following modifiers: PR=0, Stays Active, and Can’t Hold Back.
  4. Divide Strength by 10 to determine leaping distance. Example: a normal human with a 10 ST can leap 10/10=1″. A mutant with a 23 ST can leap 23/10=2.3″. Pushing doubles the distance. Buy CPs of  Physical Ability F) Super Leap to leap greater distances.
  5. All running, swimming, flying, and teleportation distances are halved. This includes the character’s Move score, which is now calculated by adding ST, EN, and AG together and dividing the sum by 6. This change is intended to give a more tactical aspect to mapped combat.


For a listing of high-tech weapons and gadgets, click Artifacts


For a listing of Gamma World vehicles and robots, click Vehicles/Bots

Gamma World is Copyright (C) 1978 by TSR, Inc.

Mighty Protectors is Copyright (C) 2017 by Monkey House Games