Gamma World Mutations

The following charts list 1st Edition Gamma World mutations converted into the new V&V 3.0 Mighty Protectors rules system.

Basic Characteristics

For each Basic Characteristic roll four d6 but total only the highest three. If the total is less than (60) CPs, the character must spend the additional points buying extra Power, Hit Points, or adding CPs to his Mutations. If the total is greater than (60) CPs, he must reduce the CPs of his Mutations and/or reduce his Power or Hit Points accordingly.

Example #1: Rick rolls the following for his basic characteristics: 8, 12, 11, 11, and 16.
08 ST
12 EN
11 AG
11 IN
16 CL
58 CPs Total BC Cost
He spends his remaining (2) CPs to buy Durability: +2 Hit points
Example #2: Dave rolls the following for his basic characteristics:
14 ST
14 EN
13 AG
15 IN
11 CL
67 CPs Total BC Cost
Dave spends (5) less CPs on one of his Mutations and (2) less CPs reducing his Hit Points by 2 points.


Roll on the chart below to determine the distribution of mutations.

Roll a number of times indicated above. Abilites costing (10) CPs count as 1 Mutation; Abilities costing (20) CPs count as 2 Mutations. Keep rolling on the charts below until you have run out of CPs.

In general, characters will have a maximum of 60 CPs on stats, a maximum of 60 CPs in Mutations, and a maximum of -20 CPs in Weaknesses. Players can mix and match so long as they balance out to a total of 100 CPs.

Physical Mutations

Mental Mutations

Plant Mutations