My Mighty Protector Characters

I had posted some of these characters to the monkeyhousegames forums but I figure that I may as well post them here as well.


Kam Starsend is the character that I created for my friend Talzhemir’s MP Star Wars campaign. Kam is a blatant Han Solo ripoff. What can I say? I love me some Han. Anyway, I digress… I should point out that the Mighty Protectors rules work great for Star Wars, both for building characters and vehicles. You can see some of those write-ups here.

Kam is pretty basic, and like I said: he’s a Han Solo knock-off. That being said, he’s still a lot of fun to play!

Here’s his character sheet, with a few xp spent.


This character is from another of Jeff Dee’s campaigns, one in which all of the PCs started off as identical androids! The androids were the last sentient beings on a doomed colony ship sent to another star system from Earth 100+ years ago. The original goal was to colonize a new habitable world, but something went horribly wrong, and all of the humans were killed. Most of the ship was also badly damaged; it would soon crash into the world it was orbiting .

Blue, who got his name from the distinctive blue uniform he found, and his fellow androids used a massive Replicator machine to create a shuttle, in which they traveled to the surface of the alien world.

The campaign lasted 4 or 5 episodes but was fun while it lasted.



Lugzug is a character that I created for another of Jeff’s campaigns: a Low-Power one set on the planet Geos.

Character Background: Don Trebewski was a long-haul trucker based in Hoboken, New Jersey. While driving late one night down an empty stretch of highway, a Psynax spaceship flew down  and fired on Don’s truck, disabling it. Don survived the resulting crash but was knocked unconscious.

When he finally awoke, he found himself on an alien world and, much to his initial shock and disgust, had been turned into some kind of monster. He would later learn the truth: that a group of Psynax renegades had kidnapped him, transferred his consciousness into the body of a troll, and left him on the planet Geos.

Don eventually came to terms with his situation and has become something of a local hero.

The Lugzug character write-up is by B.K. Adams


Zorrinayr is a character that I created for Jeff’s Primal Fantasy campaign. He is a young dragon, from the Dragon Vale, who has set out on a quest to discover the wide world.

Zorrinayr is a magic user, and carries his spell book with him (see arsenal below). He almost always memorizes his shape-shifting spell as he often deals with humans and does not want to alarm them about his true power and size.

The artwork shown on his sheet is off the internet; the artist is unknown, but no challenge to copyright is intended.

Zorrinayr the Warmhearted is copyright 2018 by B.K. Adams

Zorrinayr’s Spell Arsenal



Hardpoint is a character that I initially created for my brother’s campaign, using his homebrew Ultraverse rules. Here, I’ve converted him to the Mighty Protectors rules.

Hardpoint is a character one might get if you crossed Spiderman with Iron Man: a wise-cracking teenager wearing a powered-armor suit. Harry’s closest high school friends are members of the Math Club and include: Noah McCloud, Ethan Albaugh, Abigail Green, and Jian Mei. Abigail, who is also a cheer-leader, has been trying to go on a date with Harry but so far it’s never worked-out (his super-hero activities keep interfering).

He also works as a part-time technician at an electronics repair shop. His co-workers include: Adrian Kirby, Mary Walker, and Joe Caplan.

All of his suit’s Abilities, except for Armor, are breakable. If he takes hit point damage, roll a d8 (re-roll if an 8 is rolled) to see which Ability is affected. Also note that in the character sheet shown here, I’ve added the Linked modifier to all of his abilities. This simulates the fact that he isn’t always wearing a suit of high-tech armor. He must spend 1″ of his movement to “activate” all of the linked abilities.

Hardpoint makes a good “vigilante” hero that licensed player-character heroes might want to track down, or might randomly run into if they are fighting against the Mob. Although he is considered a vigilante by the police, he is not a killer. When he defeats mobsters, he leaves evidence of their crimes and calls the cops.

Hardpoint is Copyright 2017 by B.K. Adams


Here is a character that I played in one of Jeff Dee’s superhero campaigns in the summer of 2016. Also included below are sheets for his pet dinosaur and his vehicle. Kid Chronos, Tops, and Time Cube are copyright 2017 by B.K. Adams.




Back in 2011, I randomly rolled this character in the V&V2.1 rules in order to playtest Jeff’s Intercime: Hostile Takeover module. I always considered him to be kind of a cool character, so I converted him to the Mighty Protectors rules.

With his Cosmic Awareness, Le Voyant makes a good NPC to provide information when the PC superheroes need help.


Khelar started as a very low-powered character that I played in Matt Sheffield’s Sci-Fi / Fantasy Geosian Mighty Protectors campaign. By the time the campaign ended, he had become a devastatingly powerful swordsman. Geos is the “utterly typical world of European medieval fantasy” that is 17.3 light years from Earth (see MP 2.1.3). Matt’s campaign was a lot of fun and the MP rules work great for a fantasy setting. Here is a PDF of his character sheet.

You may want to use Khelar as an NPC in your own Mighty Protectors campaign. If so, he has come to Earth and your major campaign city, either through magic or science (he might have hitched a ride on a Psynax spaceship).

On Earth, he resorts to his basic personality type — that of an adrenaline-junky thief. He would learn at least a Mixed Culture while on Earth, drop the “bird net” points, and he would start using his skills and magic items (cloak of invisibility, necklace of super-speed) to begin robbing wealthy individuals. He would also likely gain CPs of Wealth and live in a posh penthouse apartment.

Khelar character write-up and art copyright B.K.Adams.


“X-39” is a character that I only played twice. He was randomly rolled, created for a “monsters” campaign that Jeff only ran twice (but who may eventually come back to at some point).

X-39 was the project number he was given by the government scientists who were studying him at their secret installation in the mountains near Seattle, Washington. His real name is indecipherable by humans.

For years X-39 has been having dreams of Mother Enyo, dreams that led him to Earth.