United Dystopia of America

A few years ago, I ran a Mighty Protectors role-playing campaign inspired by the Kick-Ass comic book and movie. In this campaign, the Lehman Brothers financial meltdown of 2008-2009 led to a worldwide depression.

In response to this disaster, a very unsavory man was elected president of the United States. With sweeping new laws, he quickly turned the once mighty democracy into something of a 3rd world hell-hole. His jack-booted Black Sun mercenaries became the hated enforcers of these laws. It was up to the heroes to fight back.

Blacksun Merc

The Blacksun mercenaries were the feared enforcers of a rogue American Presidency in my United Dystopia of America Mighty Protectors campaign. Here is a PDF of the sheet. Copyright B.K.Adams.

Blacksun Vehicle: “Deimos” (PDF)

Fiesty Cholita

One of these heroes was a Luchadora played by Talzhemir. Here’s a PDF of her character, the Feisty Cholita (character and artwork are Copyright 2017 by Talzhemir).

Golden Guru

Below is the write-up for Jeff’s character in my United Dystopia of America campaign: the Golden Guru! He, along with his fellow vigilantes, fought against government tyranny, obtaining aid from members of his “Golden Horde” along the way. Here is also a PDF of the Golden Guru, copyright by Jeff Dee.

This campaign was notable for having gone through four different RPG systems: Pocket Universe, Ultraverse (my brother’s rule system), Living Legends, and finally Mighty Protectors.

This version shows the Golden Guru at the beginning of his vigilante career.


Here is another player-character from my United Dystopia of America campaign. Here is a PDF of the character sheet and a PDF of her motorcycle sheet. Storm’s favorite combat tactic is to fire both of her machine pistols on autofire at the same time, and because she has Ambidexterity, she only suffers a -1 penalty to hit with each of her four attacks (see section 4.14.11 of the MP rules on two weapon combat). Copyright 2017 by Bruce Adams.


In the United Dysptopia of America, crime is rampant, and Benjamin Wang’s family has suffered. He became the “Chainfist,” a masked vigilante who fights against the gang members and criminals terrorizing his neighborhood. When government agents arrested his parents on immigration grounds, he took over running the family martial arts dojo. Here is a PDF of Chainfist , Copyright by Zach Adams. The character portrait is by an unknown artist and is used without permission by it’s creator.

United Dystopia of America is Copyright by B.K. Adams