Converting Mutants & Masterminds 2.0 to Mighty Protectors

Here are some guidelines that I’ve come up with for converting a 2nd Edition Mutants & Masterminds character over to the Mighty Protectors rules.  Here’s a pdf of the charts used: M&M2e to MP

Power Levels

M&M Power Level 10, the ‘standard’ hero level, nicely translates into MP’s ‘standard level’ hero with 150 total Character Points. Use the chart below to represent M&M Power Levels into Mighty Protector CPs.

Task Difficulty

Check the chart below for examples of converting M&M’s Difficulty Class to MP’s system.


When converting M&M2.0 Drawbacks to MP Weaknesses, consult the chart below:

Non-Strength Characteristics

To convert a non-Strength M&M stat into it’s equivalent MP stat, use this chart:

To convert Strength, use the chart below. I’m using M&M’s ‘heavy load’ category to represent the baseline MP Strength value.


Most M&M Feats don’t work with the Mighty Protector’s rules system, but some do, like the ones that give small bonuses for hitting or for defense. Check out the chart below for examples:


Convert Languages on a one-to-one basis. For skills, see the chart below for examples. In general, every 4 M&M skills equals one MP Knowledge Area.

Converting Abilities

Use the chart below to find the appropriate MP Ability. In general, a ‘standard level’ MP hero has 20 CPs in each Ability.

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