Red Ronin

I’ve been writing-up a lot of superheroes and super villains. I figure that it’s time I should instead do a giant robot! Red Ronin appears for the first time in the Avengers comic in issue #198. The write-up is my take on it using the vehicle construction rules found in Mighty Protectors.

If you need a giant robot to rampage around your favorite city then this bad boy is perfect for you!

Note that there are more joints than I had room to list on the vehicle sheet, but the opposite joints have the exact same profile and Hits.

Vehicle Sheet PDF

Red Ronin is a trademark owned by Marvel Entertainment.


  1. In loves Red Robin, and how Wonder Man and Beast first spot it, after a night of drunken male bonding, by looking the wrong way across the ocean.
    I think this is a perfext use if Vehicle rules, and love the diagrams you do.
    It would help me (and possibly others) tremendoisly if you could do a bit more narration of some of of your design decisions.
    For example, the inclusion of “joints,” is pretty cool, but o don’t understand why they are present at all.
    Also, did you consciously skip things like the flying shield (because you ran out if space), or was it just an oversight?


  2. The shield/laser sword was an oversight. I’m working on a 2nd version that includes it, as well as makes Red Ronin WAY bigger. The joints thing was because the vehicle rules (see Limbs, pg 80) mention having ‘joints’ for any limbs they may have. Plus, I think Hawkeye actually states he’s aiming for a knee joint while vainly trying to disable it.


    1. Thanks. That’s why I asked. I never read that as joints needing space allocated, but it makes as much sense as anything. I find the Vehicle rules unclear in some areas, so your examples are instructional.


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