Frightful Four

Here’s my Mighty Protectors take on the Frightful Four, a super-villain team that attacks and defeats the Fantastic Four in issue #36. They soon appear again in issues #39 and #41. The Frightful Four are led by the Wizard and include: Paste-Pot Pete, Madame Medusa, and the Sandman. The stats and abilities shown here are based on FF issue #36.

Wizard (PDF)

The Wizard doesn’t have much firepower. As written, he can spray a target and hope they fall asleep or he can attach one of his anti-gravity discs and send them into space. If you want to make him more formidable, give him some Area Effect Telekinesis or Gravity B as gadgets built into his suit. He demonstrates these abilities in FF issue #39.

Wizard Arsenal Sheet

Wizard Vehicle Sheet

Paste-Pot Pete (PDF)

Pete changes his name to the Trapster in FF issue #39, as well as incorporating numerous new gadgets like a sonic grenade. If you want to go with that version, he should probably be built on 150 CPs and have a much stronger Grapnel ability.

Madame Medusa (PDF)

Medusa doesn’t do much in these issues, which is why I went with a Low-Powered write-up.

Sandman (PDF)

The Sandman could have Non-Corporealness with the +20 modifier allowing attacks while non-solid, but I instead used Plasticity as it seems to model his immunity to kinetic damage pretty well. Plus he clearly exhibits all of the other Stretching abilities.

Frightful Four, Wizard, Madame Medusa, Paste-Pot Pete, and Sandman are trademarks owned by Marvel Entertainment.

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