Radiation Abilities

There are two categories of Radiation Abilities:

A) Radiation Blast

The character can generate blasts of Radiation. This is a physical Energy damage attack, with the damage sub-type being radiation. The specific type of damage is left up to the player; it could be: atomic radiation, cosmic rays, nuclear fission, or something similar. Radiation Blast has a range of EN”, has a PR cost of 2 per use, and does not cause knockback. This is a Voluntary Ability.

Radiation  Blast causes two types of damage: Energy damage (like Power Blast) and an Endurance drain (like Siphon). If the target loses EN, his maximum Power and Hit Points must be re-figured. The effects of the EN drain fade after one hour.

B) Radiation Aura

The character can surround themself with a Radiation Ability Field (see section 2.2.4 of the MP rules). It takes an Action to activate the Radiation Aura and PR = 2 per use (whether it is for defense, an attack, or one round of passive damage). This is a Voluntary Ability.

The featured image is copyright by DC Comics. No challenge to the copyright or trademark is intended.


  1. Very cool. Radiation is such a mess to model in any game, because games play best when they are quick, but radiation in the real world causes mostly slow, long term damage, sometimes best modeled by something like Poison.

    I think your model excellently balances the dramatic comic book “immediate punch,” with a long-term effect more “realistic.” My only suggesting would be to refine the text to say “maximum Power and Hit Points” need to be recalculated, as an attack that grinds okay to a halt by doing damage, then forcing the player (or worse, the GM) to do table lookups, then try to guess if the max hit point delta is “also inury damage”…


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